The Best African Company

Onpeak Holiday Safaris is a private local Tanzanian tour operator, specializing in Trekking, wildlife safari, culture tours, and beach holiday in Tanzania. Onpeak holiday safaris hold great knowledge in organizing a great team of people that guarantee the highest quality of service and coordination.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable We deliver touring and trekking services that reflect sustainable practices and honor the ecosystems of the places we go. We educate and encourage our guests to practice activities that protect the environment. We know the importance of giving back. In our support of Kilimanjaro National Park our team planted over 500 trees that are needed to help maintain the water supply of the region. We support the mission of the Global Alliance of National Parks believing the natural resources of the world's national parks must be protected for future generations.

Focus on Safety

Understanding that our top priority is to keep you out of any risk and ensuring your safety. Our guides perform regular health checks on all climbers, and they are prepared to prevent, detect and treat altitude sickness. We include rescue oxygen on every climb and have evacuation plans in place in case of emergencies.

Best Guides

We have the best guides who have received extensive training in first aid and mountain rescue. With great experience and competence, our guides are among the most talented and respected teams.

Do our own

You book your trip with us, you will be organized by us. We do not subcontract trips, we organize everything ourselves. Due to this, you will get real knowledge from the local guides and the team.


You do Travel experience some issues sometimes that may lead to schedule changes due to unforeseen events. We Onpeak holiday are really quick and flexible to change depends on our client's schedule change.'t have to code to create your own site. Select one of available themes in the Mobirise sitebuilder.

High Quality Camping Gears

We only use high-quality camping equipment to keep climbers as comfortable as possible while outdoors.

Owner's Biography

My name is Aloyce, I am the owner of Onpeak Holiday a local tour operator. Tour organizer and expeditions guide to tourists climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro or visiting the Northern and Southern Parks circuits. It is my desire to deliver top quality services to tourists intending to visit Tanzania; share the knowledge and experience I have gained thus far, and provide clients with well experienced safari guides, Mountaineer guides, chefs and porters who are committed and diligent in their crafts. Onpeak Holiday warmly welcomes you to try our services for customized holiday tours during your visit in Tanzania. Be it Mountain Climbing, safari tour, Zanzibar beach, culture tours or day trips.